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Powered by data and insights generated by our media engine, these offerings offer a unique up-to-the-minute competitive edge across the travel industry spectrum.

India market strategy

Many who consider India as one market fail in doing business in India. The country is notorious for its diversity when it comes to people, cultural nuances, local sensibilities, economic realities and spending patterns. This is where we can step in with our cutting-edge research and insights to cut through the clutter. We do a complete analysis of your target market and customer landscape and your strengths and capabilities to ensure that you get the most ROI from your operations and marketing spends. More Details

Marketing for outbound Indian traveler

Did you know that a vegetarian Indian does not eat eggs but eats cheese unlike a vegan or that Indian business travellers are more likely to book hotels that offer a hot breakfast. Or that Indians love destination weddings and base their decision amenities for specific wedding rituals. As Indians become open to exploring newer destinations, the number of outbound business and leisure travellers is increasing year on year. We interact with these Indian traveller everyday. Come to us for getting a competitive edge and profiting from this growing market. More Details

Orientation and training workshops 

Preparation and simplicity are the two values or workshops are based on. Our trade workshops are geared towards preparing your managers for doing business in India as well as preparing your trade partners in the country better equipped to sell and explain your product to your Indian customers. Our customer focused workshop are aimed at making your customers have a better experience as they travel or use your travel related product for a better experience.  More details


Content Solutions -Digital and Traditional

Effective communication is still the best way of reaching your target customer group. With a deep understanding of the travel sector, several expert writers with a focus on both travel related business and lifestyle news and features, we are able to cater to all your content needs for the sector including native advertising needs. We are also able to offer you consulting on devising innovative ways of reaching and making an impact on your target customer group. More Details