Indian travellers’ ‘travel deal’ syndrome decoded: Study


The Indian penchant for value is well known and it is at its most evident when in comes to travel and getting the maximum bang out of a buck.

As per an Expedia study of 520 respondents across multiple cities in India, Indians travelers most anxious about landing the best deals (40%), trip partners backing out at last minute (23%), standing in long queues for tickets to theme parks and museums (22%), budget (20%), shopping gifts for friends & relatives (17%).

Among Indians Hyderabadis (25%) & Mumbaiites (23%) were the most budget conscious travellers while Delhiites did not care as much (17%). Hyderabadis (45%) and Puneites (42%) were most anxious for landing the best deal while Bangaloreans and Delhiites were least anxious at 37%. Trip partners backing out at last minute was a major concern for Puneites (30%) and Delhiites (26%) most anxious, Bangaloreans (16%) & Mumbaiites (22%).

Off season travel deals gain favour

Off season deals were a major draw for Indians with 44% choosing off season with Bangaloreans being most likely to travel during peak season at 55%. Key reasons for such travel included better deals on flights & hotels (60%), less crowd (56%), no children running around making noise (33%), easier to get leave (27%), better service in hotels (24%). Among Indians, Hyderabadis  were least interested in travelling in off-season at 32%.

Forex fluctuations affect travel plans

Most Indian at 67% were resilient to currency fluctuations with Delhi on top (72%), Hyderabad at bottom (53%). But most said that they would adjust factors like shopping list, hotel room category, planned activities and the number of vacation days to reflect the movement of the currency of their chosen destination.

If the dollar got cheaper

66% Indian travelers said that they will spend more on activities while 55% said they will extend the days of the vacation. Of these, Pune-ites (64%), Delhiites (63%) & Hyderabadis (60%) took the lead in extending vacation days, with the least likely being Mumbaiites (40%).

Only 14% chose to upgrade their hotel accommodatios with Delhiites (23%) and Mumbai (21%) leading the pack.

31% also said that they will try and squeeze in nearby destinations while 29% said they will spend more on shopping. Of these, Delhiites choose to spend the highest in shopping amongst other cities (63%) followed by Bangaloreans (31%), Hyderabadis (21%), Mumbaiites (21%)

If the dollar got expensive

Shopping actitivities were the immediate target with 63% Indian travelers would cut down on shopping. Pune-ites were the highest group likely to cut down on shopping at 75% followed by Bangalore at 66%. Mumbaiites least to cut down shopping at 57%.

About 38% also said that they would look at shifting to a more affordable destination. Mumbaiites were most willing to this at 52%, while Bangaloreans (24%) were least willing.

Among other ways of adjusting their travel budget, 32% said that they would avoid places of interest that are ticketed. Of these, Mumbiites (48%) & Puneiites (46%) were most conscious while Delhiites are least conscious at (37%). Some 32% chose to downgrade hotel star category. Delhiites (43%) & Bangalore (38%) came on top to downgrades on the hotel category while Mumbaiites (21%) track at the bottom

A quarter said that they would reduce vacation days. Mumbaiites lead the list at 33% followed by Hyderabad at 27%. Bangaloreans (17%) and Puneites (18%) least willing to reduce vacation days.

Musafir Namah Bureau