India travel market strategy

Market mapping: Complete industry report of your target industry/market, current regulatory environment, expected changes and business forecast

Customised research and insights: As per your organisation’s need 

Competitor intelligence and bench marking: Successful companies want to know what their peers are doing to drive performance and how they stack up against them in key performance areas like product planning and innovation, customer experience and managing costs to name a few. 

Customer Acquisition: Understand your customer and anticipate his needs. Will he really care for the spa at your retreat or will adventure sports be a bigger draw. Will your customer really see your terrific digital campaign or flip through a magazine for travel inspiration. These are all necessary questions that you need to ask yourself before you embark on your expensive marketing campaign.

Customer Experience: We are uniquely placed to get you quick dip-stick surveys with a captive travel sector focused audience on our media engine. With MN Intelligence, we curate a number of such surveys on a broad basis from time to time that can be further customized to your unique needs to give you an ear to the ground. Our advanced conjoint surveys measure multiple aspects of a customer’s experience to give you a more holistic picture

Training/ workshops for Indian travel trade/large customer groups: We explain your product to the customers and the Indian travel trade (tour operators, business partners) for increased sales and branding. This workshop works both online and offline as needed. We also offer preparation of the presentation materials with out content solution services.