Go to market and growth strategy. We try to cut through the clutter to see how you could approach the Indian travel market best. We do a complete analysis of your target market and customer landscape and your strengths and capabilities to ensure that you get the most ROI from your operations and marketing spends.

Benchmarking:  Successful companies want to know what their peers are doing to drive performance and how they stack up against them in key performance areas like product planning and innovation, customer experience and managing costs to name a few. We are uniquely placed to help you do the same with our media engine generating data and qualitative insights on a daily basis. With MN Intelligence, we bring you cutting edge industry trends and intelligence that can be further customised to give you a bird’s eye view of your place in the pecking order.

Customer Acquisition: Is really the last word between a brand’s success and failure. Will your customer really see your terrific digital campaign or flip through a magazine for travel inspiration. These are all necessary questions that you need to ask yourself before you embark on your expensive marketing campaign. With a finger on the pulse of the traveler via our daily media engine interactions, we are able to deliver broad and customised consumer profiles to suit your needs.

Customer Experience: There are several ways to measure the same with us. Quick focussed dip-stick surveys can immediately rate a new initiative for you while sophisticated conjoint surveys can measure multiple aspects of a customer’s experience to give you a more holistic picture. With MN Intelligence, we curate a number of such surveys on a broad basis. These can also be customized to your unique needs to give you an ear to the ground.